Ennie Shabangu

Sterilisation & Housekeeping

Ennie, our maestro of sterilisation and housekeeping, ensures every instrument shines and every space sparkles. She’s deeply passionate about her role and dedicated to perfecting the disinfection process and safeguarding against cross-contamination. Beyond this, she also ensures the team is well-nourished, preparing lunches for everyone. In the hustle of peak hours, she adeptly handles phone calls and messages, showing her versatility.

Educated in Mpumalanga, Ennie has always been passionate about maintaining cleanliness and order. She’s been an integral part of Dr Jansen’s practice for over seven years. When she isn’t making our practice gleam, Ennie is the proud and bustling mother of four, finding joy in their upbringing. Her spirit finds solace in various religious pursuits, grounding her in both her professional and personal journey.