Grietjie Stopforth

Dental Assistant

Grietjie isn’t just a Dental Assistant — she’s the embodiment of warmth and kindness that every patient looks forward to. With a preference for surgery but a love for all things dentistry, she brings a wealth of experience to every procedure. Her remarkable 21-year journey began as an assistant to a general dentist. She then spent a significant 13 years assisting a Maxillofacial Oral surgeon. By April 2021, she found her new dental home with Dr Jansen, embracing new-age techniques that amplify patient care.

Before stepping into the world of dentistry, Grietjie delved into Microbiology at the University of Pretoria. When the gloves come off, she wears her dancing shoes, enjoying Ballroom and Latin dance. Between dance, music, reading, movies, theatre, and raising her children, Grietjie’s life is a harmonious blend of passion and purpose.