Tooth Extractions

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Tooth extractions, while sounding daunting, are a well-practised and often necessary procedure in the field of dentistry. They are typically the last option, only considered after all possible treatment avenues have been explored.

Reasons for a Tooth Extraction

A tooth might need extraction due to severe decay, damage, or infection that has reached a point of no return. Sometimes, it’s the pesky wisdom teeth causing discomfort for growing in a manner that could impact other teeth negatively.

What occurs during a tooth extraction?

Tooth extraction is a precise process that requires meticulous attention and care.

  • Initial Cleaning: Our skilled oral hygienist will begin by cleaning your teeth. This is not just a routine clean — it’s a thorough scale and polish. This initial step ensures that the area around the tooth is free from plaque and tartar, reducing the risk of post-extraction complications.
  • Sedation: Recognising that dental procedures can be anxiety-inducing, we offer a range of sedative options. Depending on your needs and comfort level, the appropriate sedation will be administered, ensuring you remain calm and pain-free throughout.
  • Tooth Loosening: Once you’re comfortable, a special dental instrument is used to gently loosen the tooth within its socket. This step makes the extraction process smoother.
  • Extraction: With utmost care, the dentist will then grasp the tooth by its root and remove it. Our team ensures this procedure is as painless and quick as possible.
  • Post-Extraction Care: After the tooth is removed, the immediate area is cleaned and sterilised. In many cases, sutures might be placed to aid in healing and to minimise any bleeding. This also helps in reducing the recovery time and ensures the comfort of our patients post-procedure.

Our primary goal during tooth extractions is to ensure your well-being and comfort at every stage of the procedure. With advanced techniques and compassionate care, you can rest assured you’re in capable hands.

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