Dr Emil Jansen, Smile with Confidence

Transforming Smiles with Expert Dental Care & Precision

Centurion’s premier dental clinic crafting radiant, confident smiles with expertise and care.

About Dr Emil Jansen

Armed with a degree from the prestigious University of Pretoria, Dr Emil Jansen is a Dental Surgeon dedicated to crafting radiant smiles.

With vast expertise and a compassionate approach, he’s the trusted face behind our friendly dental practice.

Celebrating Excellence Since 1999

Since opening our doors in Wierda Park in 1999, our dental clinic has been at the forefront of exceptional care.

Nestled in prime locations around Gauteng, we combine cutting-edge technology with a devoted team to redefine your dental journey.

From advanced treatments to routine checkups, we’ve made it our mission to ensure every smile shines brighter.

Our Dental Services

Dr Emil Jansen’s practice provides an array of all-encompassing dental solutions to ensure your smile remains radiant. We prioritise understanding your distinct dental requirements and tailoring treatments to fit your lifestyle and financial comfort.

Cosmetic Dentistry

General Dentistry

Aligner Therapy

Dental Implants

Why Choose Us?

Emergency Care

Swift and responsive, we’re here for your dental urgencies, ensuring immediate and effective care.

Excellent Patient Care

Every patient is our priority, with a dedicated team ensuring a seamless, comforting experience.

Multi-disciplinary Approach

Harnessing diverse dental specialities, we provide holistic solutions for all your oral health needs.

Individualised Treatment Plans

Our treatment strategies are crafted to fit your unique dental journey and aspirations.