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Good oral hygiene is about more than just a beautiful smile. A mouth that looks and smells healthy indicates that your teeth are clean and free of debris and your gums are in optimal condition. If your gums bleed during brushing or flossing or you experience persistent bad breath, it may be time to consult with us.

How is good oral hygiene practised?

Good oral hygiene is pivotal for overall well-being. Daily preventative care, which includes proper brushing and flossing, can prevent problems from developing. Here’s what you can do to maintain your oral health:

  • Brush thoroughly twice a day and floss daily.
  • Consume a balanced diet and limit snacks between meals.
  • Use fluoride-containing dental products.
  • Use a fluoride mouth rinse if recommended.
  • Ensure your children under the age of 12 drink fluoridated water or take a fluoride supplement if they live in a non-fluoridated area.

Concerns and solutions

Bad Breath

Halitosis, commonly known as bad breath, can be uncomfortable and may lead to self-consciousness. It’s understandable why so many products like gums, mints, and mouthwashes flood the market, promising to combat it. However, many of these solutions are fleeting, as they don’t tackle the root of the issue.

Various foods, medical conditions, and habits can lead to bad breath. Maintaining regular and proper dental care can alleviate this issue. If standard self-care practices aren’t effective, it’s advisable to consult your dentist or doctor to rule out a more severe underlying cause for your bad breath.

Canker Sores

Canker sores, commonly known as aphthous ulcers, are recurring small sores inside the mouth. They typically heal within one to two weeks, but their discomfort can be alleviated with antimicrobial rinses or topical treatments. We also treat canker sores successfully with our Biolase Epic X Dental Laser. Our practice is uniquely suited to assist children, and we strive to make each visit pleasant.

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